Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Art

So I had a brainstorm idea last week about two new pieces I'd like to start on, but first a word about my "artistic process."

Many times I'll have certain imagery in mind, or a series of images that I link together to make sense to me, or sometimes I'll think of words- something akin to what Jenny Holzer did with her "truisms" - and then the image will come to me. Its this last type of process that I've used to come up with two new pieces of work. I'll only tell you the titles, and you'll have to guess at what the imagery will be. Correct guesses get a _______!

#1: "Its easier to kick the dog than it is your husband."
#2: "I Don't Belong Here."

Maybe you think that I'm putting the cart before the horse, what with giving out titles before having the completed images? Well, listen up non-artist-blog-reader-types! The images are alive in my head!!!!!

Crazy? Maybe. Have a nice rest of the week. Also, if you don't know who that is in the photo above, you're really not an artist! Hmmmph!


The Redhead said...

1) I SO understand everything about this title. I imagine the imagery to be an almost abstract cross between the two beings. Maybe with a larger than life Jimmy Choo pump side swiping the canvas.

2) I see the imagery to be a whirlwind mixture of U.P. meets Chi-town. Sky scrapers as a centering ground with a unique contrast of snow and flannel.

Ms. Fix said...

Actually, I thought about a literal representation of the dog, maybe doing what he's been doing lately (which is eating snotty tissues from the garbage in the bathroom). There will be some hint of Hubby in there, though. And I thought you loved me? I would NEVER defile Saint Jimmy like that!
As for the second one, I'm actually thinking of going the sculptural/installation route with some confluence of apron strings, pine trees, and skyscrapers. You were close!

The Redhead said...

That is cool. Love the ideas you have! BUT, just so you know, I wasn't trying to defile Saint Jimmy! I just thought it would make such a bold statement for you--kind of like "Behold the power of my class, style, and being!" Boys and their dogs, bah!

Monica said...

i totally understand the process, in fact, that's kind of how I do mine!!!! now I just need to sit donw and get to making some actual work!!!

And yeah, who doesn't love bobby, not ross, but goren!!!! ahahahahahah had to work that in there somehow!