Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cranky Pants Gazette

So, like I've said many times, I've really had enough of the snow and shizz. It will be April on Tuesday, and we just got 4" of snow up in these parts. I know, I know...all my Chicago-land homies are whining about the snow they got and how it screwed with their commute (seriously, if you have to "commute" to work, you cannot claim Chicago as your home. We all know that "commute" means you live in the suburbs.). But the city workers here are still shaving down snow banks so traffic accidents don't happen (y'all know how short old people are).

The first year we lived here in the Upper Peninsula, I was sure I had died and gone straight to Hell. For those of you who helped me move...why the f#*! didn't you stop me? And also, do you remember the weather? 50-ish degrees leaving the city, then freezing rain, sleet and snow from just north of Milwaukee and forward. I will never forgive anyone involved that day for "helping" complete that move. :o)

In other Cranky Pants news, I ran OUTSIDE for the first time in 2008. Oh sure, I've been running, but its been all treadmill. The sun was out, the thermometer read above 30, and there were clear patches of blacktop. It was strange running with all the layers of gear after running inside in shorts/tanks. And I forgot how hard it is to operate the ol' iPod with gloves on. But man, I was speedy! I'm spending my time now wishing that Katie's e-mail address gets picked by the Nike people so we can start planing that trip to San Francisco! Send some good vibes our way!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost time...

...for Spring Break! One more week, and then a whole week of nothingness. Which means it's time to clean up and clear out all of the crap that has accumulated in this house over the past 11 years. I'm "in a mood," if you know what I mean. Clutter is good for nothing. And the clutter in my house has seen its last happy days.

Nothing is off limits- I'm going through clothing, shoes, linens, buffets, Christmas decorations. All of it will be edited and then redirected or recycled or just plain trashed.

Mr. Fix is even getting in the game (sort of unknowingly) by getting the ol' pick up truck charged up and ready for a run to the county dump.

Other news? Emily takes her driving exam on Wednesday, April 2nd. If she passes, she will be a licensed driver in the State of Michigan. Send all of your positive vibes this way so that #1- she passes the exam, and #2- I don't have to chauffeur her around any more.

It's still cold here, but I'm hoping that the cleaning will usher in brighter, warmer days. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

How are your vocabulary skills? Do you have a LARGE selection of words you choose from every day? Do you always have the exactly right words for any situation? Can you decipher the meaning of a word by breaking it down to its root words?

I love words. I introduce a "Word of the Day" to the youth I work with (plus we introduce a "Potawatomi Word of the Week"), and I'm pretty sure its helping increase their word bank accounts. And now, thanks to my Aunt Susie, I have a website where I can practice my word skills AND do something for the Greater Good. A new addiction!

What could be more fulfilling than helping people eat? Do your part to help, and boost your brain power, too.

Go HERE . Have a great start to your week!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cabin Fever

It's March, for Pete's sake, and I'm REALLY getting tired of this cold cold cold cold cold. Cabin fever? Perhaps, but I think I'm just itching for a change.

I've tried all the mind tricks- sitting in front of sunny windows, exercising, eating fresh foods. The photo above is one place I'd rather be. Yes, there is snow. But, mon cheri, it is French snow! And there is beer! What says "relaxing getaway under the guise of work" like skiing in the French Alps? Nothing. Except maybe a beach in Honolulu.

-8 degrees this morning. A high of 21 expected. I don't have any travel planned except for the jaunt I took a couple of weeks ago under the bridge (a Michigan thing- you either live under or above the Mackinac Bridge. Under=troll, above=Yooper, as in "U.P." for "Upper Peninsula." I liken it to the good ol' days in Chicago, when you either lived in Chicago, or you were a "708-er."). What's a girl to do?

Drown herself in work? That I can do, but remember, work is still here in the Land of Cold. The only thing warming my thoughts right now is that a new television show begins tonight on the WE network: "High School Confidential." Looks promising! I'll let you know tomorrow if its worth an hour of my time each week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Doesn't that just sum up the entire last two episodes of Project Runway? Man, last night I watched both parts of the two-part finale, and was just blown away.

Well, maybe with exception of Jillian. I did like her collection, but only bits and pieces. She worried sooo much about her models looking incongruous, when she should have been more worried about her collection! I, too enjoyed the introduction of knitwear into her bag of tricks; however, nothing flowed for me- it was just a bunch of clothes that could've come out of someone's closet, and not necessarily a collection.

My early favorite, all the way back from Episode 1 (My Favorite Redhead and My Favorite Local Celebrity can vouch for this) was Rami. And let me tell you, he did not disappoint last night! I loved his collection- the seaming, the corseting details, the DRAPING, and the woven pieces were all AH-MAAAAY-ZING! I wasn't as concerned about his color choices as the judges were. His palette and even his overall vision is meant for a very specific type of woman: a bit fun, a bit more confident, and perhaps more mature (well, more mature than the women who insist at shopping at Forever 21, even when they're +30!) than the clientele the other designers would attract.

And then there is Ms. Thing himself, Christian. So, maybe I was rooting for Rami, but I do love Christain's aesthetic as well. He is a very deserving winner, I mean, didja see the collection? He has had a comprehensive, cohesive vision of what he's wanted from Day One, from what the clothes look like, to the accessories, all the way down to the type of model- and her walk! That kind of thought pattern will be pretty beneficial for him in the long run, I think. And his designs as presented on the runway, remember, are exaggerated versions of what us non-supermodels will want to be wearing in the seasons to come.

As Master Guru Gunn says, "Designers, I am SO proud of you. You made it WORK!"

Now, if I can only find something to catch my imagination and attention until Season 5...

PS- How uninteresting was Posh Spice? I was left wishing that she would bring some diva-ness to the group, but she was so...boring! Who would you like to see as a guest judge on Runway next season?