Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday Night/Saturday Afternoon

That's how I spent my Friday night: finishing off this bottle of yummy (albeit sweet) wine. I used a portion of it in the sauce for the pork chops I made (along with mustard, apricots, and thyme), then someone had to drink the rest. Me, me, me! I'll do it!

Today is Saturday and my Clean Living Routine is still going strong (3 days and counting). Breakfast every day, exercise every day, and keeping a journal of my food and exercise. I'm trying to train optimally for this next race I have yet to register for...we'll see...Katie and Kimmy have already registered, and so has Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force. Usually I'm the first to register. Loss of focus? No, I think I'm just focusing on the difficult part first (the training) and leaving the easy stuff (giving away my money) for a bit later.

Tomorrow I will update on the kitchen renovation (yes, with pictures) and let you all know how my first long run of the New Year went. Right now I'm going to get some coffee ready for The Devil, as she is coming over to knit! Have a great Saturday.

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