Saturday, February 7, 2009

Renovation Update: The Countertop Edition

Okay, so now that my house is covered in a very fine, charcoal-colored dust, I will take refuge in my office and post pics from last weekend. Above is the construction of the countertop mold. It was built on a moveable frame so when it is ready to be installed, it can be rolled right up to the cabinets and slid on top. Below is the frame with the metal mesh and rebar in place. These will add strength to the finished product.

Below is Mr. Fix and his brother, the Other Mr. Fix, troweling the concrete into the mold.

And lastly, we see the mold filled to the top, all smooth, and beginning to cure.

So now we start the waiting game. A nine-foot length of concrete takes a while to cure, I'm told, and when it is finally installed (and the front room of the house is hosed down and all sparkly again), I will post more pics.

In the meantime, I'm off to run at the YMCA, even though its 41 degrees outside. I'd rather not run in the rain. One more cup of coffee...have a great weekend.


nora said...

Oh grrrllll. I can't wait to see it! How long does it have to cure?

Ms. Fix said... needs to cure for about four days, then he'll finish sanding it (again), and give it a few coats of polyurethane & wax before installing. So I'm hoping it will be installed and ready to use by next weekend.

The Redhead said...

Are you around Friday March 6th at all? Daytime? Or afternoon...