Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is No News Good News?

The old saying that "no news is good news," do you believe it? I mean, I guess in some cases this is true: test results from the doctor come to mind. But what about other things- isn't no news disconcerting? Like, if you're taking board exams for your law or medical degree, or for the SATs or MCATs, wouldn't you rather know ASAP if you've passed or not?

With the advent of instantaneous everything these days, does the notion of waiting for anything- news, money, movies, purchases- elicit more of an anxiety or excitement response for you? I tend toward the anxious, but not to the point of harassing phone calls and/or emails. I mean, I'm the kind of person who, just when she decides to make the phone call & leave a message of the "Where in the world is my ___?", the UPS guy or mailman shows up with it at my door.


I guess the No News rant here is more about feeling in limbo, the uncertainty I think we all feel from time to time. I just hate the prolonged version of that feeling. I don't appreciate the long way around, and would rather get on with it, whatever "it" may be.

I know its been a while since my last post, and I know this post is less than happy, but so much is up in the air right now, I'm struggling to maintain the everyday optimism I usually carry around. Check back in a week or so; I promise to change my tone! :o)

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