Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day #2

So here's the photo I promised of Jennifer's Christmas-now-Valentine's Day- scarf. No pattern to work from, just a moss stitch (or seed stitch) worked in that great Mission Falls 1824 cotton on a size 8 needle, 17 stitsches across. My colors, for all you knitters out there, are 402 Sea, 302 Wintergreen, and 201 Coral. Funny coincidence: I was finishing this while watching tv one night, and the blanket I had across my lap (yes, I'm a cold-blooded person) was one that I've had for years. I bought it in Mexico with Jennifer. I was looking at the tv, and then glanced down at my work and noticed that the blanket and the scarf have the exact same color palette. It was meant to be.

Snow day #2 ended last night with the fabulous company of My Favorite Redhead and My Favorite Local Celebrity (yes, I'm sure she hates that label, but until she provides me with something else, that is what she will be called) drinking hot chocolate with Starbucks Coffee liquer and munching on popcorn in front of "Project Runway." How awesome was Ricky's dress? And Rami's? You're right- about as awful as those two jackets by Jillian and Victorya. Tomorrow, back to the grind.

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nora said...

Love the scarf and love that mission falls 1824 cotton! I just used it to knit a 5 color scarf for Mr. McNacracken's birthday. The yarn is on sale at my favorite local fiber shop and I just bought a bunch more to make my very own scarf in the lovely cotton.
Wouldn't life be grand if we could knit as ofter as we wished?