Friday, February 1, 2008


So how does everyone feel about the political landscape these days? Big changes after the Florida primary races, and now just two Democrats, really, and two and a half Republicans.

Here's what I want to see: I want Barack Obama to stop the preaching and get down to the meat and potatoes of the meal. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: what bothers me most about him is that he seems to be the personification or embodiment of what I like to call the "Oprahfication of America." I'm all for hope and a new way of doing things and all that jazz, but I'm too practical-minded to go on faith alone. And I get the feeling that I'm not really welcome by his campaign if I can't believe he's going to make a change with this idealistic message of "hope."

And now Senator Clinton: Isn't it sad that the media and others are portraying her as the "Old Guard"? I like that she has experience, I like that she's direct about her goals, I like that she's unapologetic about her past. Why is it that strong, smart, independent women who are driven to succeed are labeled as "bitch" or some other unfeminizing name? It's happened before (hello, Martha Stewart!), and it'll keep on happening.

That being said, I'm still undecided at this point. So serious today! Maybe I'll have some fun to share later.


kizatikat said...

Ok so you know how I feel about your democratic ramblings....I love them... hahaha, however I have to disagree with Hillary being called a bitch because she is powerful, she is bitch because she just is. Have you ever watched her reactions during a State of the Address Speech, when the President is coming in, or when anything anyone has to say? She has no respect for people, thats why she is a bitch. Nice blog by the way. By the way a speeding ticket????

sayray said...

Katie, Katie, Katie - Hilary does nothing more than the others in the room - the eye rolling, the disinterested, glazed look in her eye (seriously, how many times can an educated person listen to our "W" butcher the English language?) - these don't make her a bitch, they make her human (an important trait for a presidential candidate, at least in my book). Anyway, POTUS shouldn't be about being a nice person, its about the issues that are important to the American people and how the future POTUS will make the necessary changes to help our country. I'm also currently undecided for what its worth.
Sissy- you go putting the pedal to the metal, but watch out for the pigs! (What are you? An Annawan cop?)