Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Bridal Party Looked Resplendant in Jewel Tones

As promised, here are "before" and "during" shots of the Gladstone High School Cross Country team's 2nd Annual 5K Fun Run where I ran with fellow fierce women dressed in bridal gear.

Top photo, from left: Denise, Robyn, Jessica, Rachel, Deb, and Stacey.
Bottom photo, from left: Robyn, Denise, Stacey, Rachel, Deb, and Jessica.

The day was lovely, just right for a wedding. It was, however, mondo hot in those get-ups, and we were all sweating our patooties off before mile one. What made this race worth while? Well, it helped a local school, helped fund a program we all believe in, and during the race, we wondered out loud about the people you see running marathons (that's 26.2 miles for those of you not in the know) in costumes. Were we really part of that crazy club? Yes and no. Yes, running in costume was great fun, it added some levity to the morning and quickly parlayed any thoughts of "getting a PR" during the race; we were able to focus on what, exactly, we ran for: it made us all happy. I'm sure there are more reasons than that one, but doing something you enjoy- that makes you happy- is absolutely the best reason to do something. Agreed, mon cherie?

And I saved the best for last: once you crossed the finish line, you had to make your way down the Slip 'n' Slide! Below, our "bride" Stacey (in her own wedding gown from her now-ended marriage) literally "takes the plunge." (groan...)

It was a blast, and we were throwing out suggestions for next year's costumes before the half-mile mark. Outsider suggestions welcome, just be sure that we can purchase the makings of the costumes at local thrift stores/dark corners of bedroom closets/dusty boxes under the bed.


The Redhead said...

I'm totally impressed! I thought "plum" wasn't your color! :)

Ms. Fix said...

Asymmetrical waistlines and off the shoulder bodices aren't my thing, either, now that 1989 is over- but it was all for a good cause!

The Redhead said...

Well, you pulled it off beautifully, dahling! Muah!

The Redhead said...

P.S. An idea for next time... I'm thinking superheroines! Check them out: