Friday, August 15, 2008

Now It Is Time For...

...relaxing! Yesterday was the final day of my summer program at work. The kids and the staff all seemed to have a fine time on our reward trip to Thunder Falls Water Park in Mackinaw City. I'm ready for some relaxation, hence the picture (above) of the beautiful flowers from Mr. Fix's garden. A glass of water, a sunny spot, a good book, and those flowers are making for a lovely afternoon.

But seriously, how lackluster was Project Runway ? I really thought I'd be more excited by Brooke Shields, but I don't even watch that show she's on. All I really remember is that scene in Blue Lagoon where she gets her period and that crappy Suddenly Susan show she had. Yep, she's purdy, and yep, she's got nice teeth, but if we begin to call her a "fashion icon" based on her Lolita-esque Calvin Klen ad from way back when, we're really losing focus on what, truly, makes a style/fashion icon.

But the designers! LOSERS: I didn't really mind Leanne & Blayne's shorts and shirt look, it just wasn't anything new. And Joe & Korto's dress was one of the most poorly constructed things we've seen in a loooong time, but I did like the jacket, especially after it was modified a bit. I think they could've gone further with tailoring the body of the jacket and then keeping the volume of the sleeves. And the big losers, Daniel and Kelli: Daniel, in my opinion, is the one that should have gotten the double air kisses. "My taste is impeccable." Really? The outfit was trashy, too tight, and too Frederick's of Hollywood. ICK.

And now, the WINNERS: Suede and Donna Summer's outfit was cute, but nothing really new to me. I did like that they had pants rather than a skirt or dress, but hated the cut of the pants and wasn't convinced on their styling of the outfit. Jerell & Stella's dress was okay, too, but I can't believe that none of the judges made a comment on that crappy hemline! It wasn't obviously asymmetrical, which made it look like sloppy construction. I did like Stella's leathah belt, even though I'm tired of her.

Utah Gay Keith & Kenley's outfit was my fave from the get-go. Even when the designers were presenting the sketches, it stood out as the one. From the flow of the blouse, to the easy sleeve modification, to the lightness of those scalloped ruffles/fringe, it was a lovely, bright, sexy outfit that didn't need to work at being right. See how pretty?

And can I contain my excitement over next week's challenge? NO!!!!! Finally, it's the challenge the gays have been waiting five wicked long seasons for- DRAG QUEENS! I can't wait. They're even bringing Big Gay Chris back from last season. Yay!

Now, I'm off for a few days of girly time to see My Favorite Redhead downstate. Have a great weekend!

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