Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First It Was "Jingle Bells" In The Grocery Store at Halloween, and Now This.

Yep. 21 degrees outside right now, and we got hit with this yesterday afternoon. To discover (or rediscover, as the case may be) my true feelings on Winter and its evil cousin, Snow, please refer to posts from last Winter (which in these parts, lasts from late October until Memorial Day).

Just so I can write something more pleasant, see how pretty those Globe Amaranth are with the bit of white on top? And look (below) at the starkness of the bones, rocks, and snow...all the varying shades of white. Pretty, I guess, in its own Wintery cold kind of way.

Bundle up and don't forget your hat and gloves- most of your body heat is lost through your extremities!


The Redhead said...

Well done, Ms. Fix. Fine way to turn that frown upside down. I'm proud. :)

John Sadowski said...

Nice photos!

I hate the cold. Make it stop OK?

Ms. Fix said...

Dude, I was just in Chicago this weekend and you have NOTHING to complain about. Sure, it was cold, but did you get a foot of snow dumped on your poor urban ass? NO! Okay, enough crabby- but I managed to get some nice shots in the city this weekend, too, which I'll post...tomorrow!