Sunday, November 2, 2008

Renovation Update, With a Little Love

For all of you wondering how the renovation is going, I present to you my new kitchen sink. It is a lovely 18-gauge stainless steel undermount single bowl, with a depth of 10-1/2". I know it doesn't look like an undermount, but that's because the concrete counters haven't been installed/poured yet.

Nice, huh? Mr. Fix has been busy framing out the cabinets with rift-sawn maple (that means its got this cool, wavy shimmer to it) while the rest of us have been smiling at the new appliances. It was a bit strange to look in the refrigerator the first few days we had it, though; we had no food (since I am the only person in the house who knows where the grocery store is. And the laundry hamper. And the recycling bin. I could go on...) and it looked like we just picked up the floor model. Its full now, and everyone is smiling at it even more.

Mr. Fix did, however, take the time to cook us dinner on Saturday night, and cooked it up with an extra bit of love:

Awwww....yummy fingerling potatoes planted by his hands, tended in the garden by his hands, harvested by his hands, and then lovingly cooked by his hands. I ate this one in one big, noisy CHOMP! *giggle*

Hope this starts your week out with a smile!


bwhitty said...

concrete counter tops? i've never heard of that! kev and i are getting ready to remodel our kitchen so i'll have to remember that one when we start looking at counter tops!

Ms. Fix said...

OMG- do watch ANY hgtv at all???? Concrete is eco-friendly and CHEAP! I'll post pics when they're finished.

bwhitty said...

I don't watch all that much TV. . . every now and then I get sucked into Project Runway or American Idol (sick i know) but that's about it. I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

The Redhead said...

I'm with you on the concrete, Ms. Fix. You know Pf and I have been investigation concrete ideas for our place, right? Also, LOVE all the pics... I just wish I was there to bring Mr. Fix a cool refreshing PBR for all his hard work, while I steal you and take you to my place for vino! :( Ohh, so sad.