Thursday, December 4, 2008

Renovation Dirt Can Look Cool, Too.

Top photo is some dirt that was behind the old cabinets in the kitchen. The cobwebs and shadows give it that abstracted look. The bottom photo is the same photo as the top one, just with some iPhoto filtering. I like 'em. I'm always tempted to give art as a gift, but its just too personal of a medium for me to impose on someone as a gift: "Look! I created this, and I want you to treasure it as if it were my first born!" I just don't think its practical- and if I'm anything, I'm practical.

So, I'm thinking of creative ways to not spend mountains of cash on my friends this holiday season. My ideas so far include: 1) cookie exchange; 2) my W.T. recipe collection; 3) knit hats and/or scarves; or 4) handbags all around. In all actuality, it will probably be a bit of each of those.

And if you don't know what "W.T." is, then you get a hat. Knit out of icky acrylic yarn.


Bridgette Brady said...

It's not like you're giving us a Glamour Shot, Fixxy. Art is ALWAYS great, especially when it's a friend's creation. Ooh...unless you're going to make a village of marshmallow snowmen with folksy caps on them...that sucks frrr rllll.
Which reminds me that I was listening to the Q107 yesterday and heard that the Children's Museum there does a Celebrity Art Auction as a fundraiser. Being as I am a Local Celebrity According To You, I should like to propose something along those lines to the Bon. Whaddya think?
And your dirt impresses me. Mine is all in piles and smells like poo.

The Redhead said...

Welgat Traditions?

Ms. Fix said...

Bridge- I mentioned something like that to the Boner-fest awhile ago...maybe its time for another go-around. Red- you get an icky acrylic hat.