Sunday, December 14, 2008

Which Ghost Brought THESE?!...

So, I have ghosts in my house. Seriously. There has been more than one occasion where the following has happened to me:

1. I am sleeping upstairs in my bed, with my body facing the edge of the bed, back to the bedroom door.
2. I am actually half-asleep, like in that dream state just before you really wake up.
3. I hear slow, deliberate footsteps coming up our stairs. It sounds like men's dress shoes (we have wood floors).
4. My husband has always been away at these times, and let me tell you, I lock those doors tight. I don't want to deal with any of his friends stumbling over to our house from the bar because they know I won't kick them out.
5. So the steps continue to my bedroom, and move around the bed to where I'm "asleep."
6. I feel- that's right, I FEEL- someone sit on the edge of my bed right next to me.
7. I try not to pee on myself, count to three, and with my eyes still closed, I flip over so my back is now towards the ghost on my bed.
8. Once I've flipped over, I open my eyes, look at the alarm clock, and the time is always the same: 3:33 am.
9. I can't make this shit up.

So, my point is this: was it that ghost who brought the Chupacabra of Cookies to my house (they are the Candy Cane variety of the Evil Lofthouse Cookies. They taste like butter mints.), or was it one of the Christmas ghosts? And if it was a Christmas ghost, was it the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, or Future?

Let the debate begin...


Bridgette Brady said...

Your ghost, as you say, is a wearer of dress shoes. We may assume they are of a good quality, because would YOU want to wander around for eternity in poorly crafted dress shoes? I think not. Therefore, a ghost in a good quality dress shoe, who has the cojones and wherewithal to get into bed with YOU, is not about to introduce a cheap minty cookie into your environment, I think.
Also, I have lived with a ghost as well, and I fully believe you. Have you tried getting up and waiting for him? It's creepy, but if he still comes in, it's awesome to see.

Ms. Fix said...

There is also a female ghost who likes to visit, but I've never seen/felt her- its always been my guests that get her. But darling, you didn't answer the final question: Which ghost brought them, then? Past, Present, or Future?

Sissy said...

OK, so you're completely freaking me out - don't like ghosts myself, so my advice is don't wait up for him! I've gotta vote for Christmas Past since either of Present or Future would have some insight into how scary you can be when you're pissed off and those of us that know and love you would never wake you up!

Ms. Fix said...

I'm voting for Chrisymas Past, too for the following reason: Christmas Past doesn't knwo that I'm trying really ard to keep to my "Clean Living" routine of diet & exercise (that's Christmas Present), and only Christmas Future knows that I'm a late-in-life supermodel.

The Redhead said...

I once heard 333 is the Jesus number because it's half of the Devil number 666. In "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" wasn't it always at 3:33 when she had her fits? Hmmm.

And I have a hunch on your ghost friend, though I'm not willing to post it. Also, let's be realistic. We know you can't keep yourself away from poofy sugar cookies with a pile of frosting--get over it.

Lastly, I have spent the night at your house and never have I met your other Special Lady Friend Ghost.

John Sadowski said...

freaky stuff!