Thursday, March 12, 2009


Title and photo kinda says it all, huh? Well, here's the scoop: Last week I was trying to shake the symptoms of what I thought were allergies (back story: Mr. Fix brought home another bunny- a lion mane bunny- and it has long hair and needs to stay indoors until the coldest of the cold weather has gone. More on this another time.). I had it all: stuffy nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat...all of these things I get when I'm around cats. We both figured, "Oh, it must be the bunny." So I suck it up and cope like I always do, buying Sudafed at the pharmacy along with a box of those super-addictive Vicks-and-lotion Puffs (which I call "Crack for the Congested"). I even stayed home from work on Friday (okay, that was planned already, but I'm glad I did because I felt like crap).

I had a lovely although much too short lunch with My Favorite Redhead and My Favorite Local Celebrity, and when Mr. Fix came home from school he laid this on me:

"Uh, you might want to get that throat thing checked out. There's a ton of kids out at school with strep."

Aw, man! Really? So I hightail it to the FastCare Clinic, and sure as sunshine, I'm positive for strep and given a 10-day supply of penicillin. Up until this point, I've felt a bit tired, but nothing awful. Friday night and I'm looking forward to chillin' on the couch with the latest episode of What Not To Wear (yes Katie, they ARE my friends!), and its like a ton of bricks just smacked me from all sides and underneath. I even texted My Favorite Redhead as through she were Daughter #1. OUT OF IT!

To shorten it up, it is now Thursday, and I'm just starting to feel better. My throat is good, my congestion is less and less each day (although I do have a new addiction to my humidifier), and my energy level is almost to the point where I'm contemplating a run tomorrow morning (that's right- I haven't run since last week!).

Point of this rambling? Take care of yourself. Do not (after you've been diagnosed with strep and been in and out of consciousness for two days) decide to rid your home of germs by scrubbing rooms from top to bottom with bleach products; this will just make you more tired. You may, however, get pissy with your mate for not picking up some slack while you try to recuperate.

Hope the end of the week finds you healthy and happy.

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