Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Ode to Sugar

Oh, Sugar!
You, with your many colors, your many incarnations, your many flavors!

In nature's harvest you delight me:
Golden Delicious apple goodness, sweet nectarines, June strawberries,
and oh!, the taste of Hawaii in that prickly coat- pineapple gold!

And sugar, you chameleon!
Is the list of your myriad faces ever long? Do you taste as sweet with one name, and not the other?

Nay, you are always sweet, always comforting,
always ready with your cavity-inducing powers.

Sugar wafers, frosting, caramel corn, Karo syrup.
Dulce de leche, sweetened condensed milk, sugar cubes.
My elfin diet: candy, candy canes, candy corn, syrup!

Candy shop, penny candy, stocking stuffers, Valentine.
Willy Wonka, I wish you were real.

Cupcakes, cherry pie, Cinnabons, macaroons!
Lofthouse Cookies!
I rue the day we met, yet cherish you beyond measure.


Do I take you alone?
Is a Fluffer Nutter the same without your touch?
Did your chocolate get in my peanut butter?
Did my peanut butter get in your chocolate?- I can only hope.

You bring rot to my mouth, energy to my muscles
frenetic-ness to my brain, padding to my hips.
My belly.
My ass.

I will take you however I can get you.
I will keep you close.
I will sing your praises at every opportunity,
And you, Sugar,
Will be mine.