Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Sure Sign

Look! Sure, at first it might look like just a tangled mess of vines attached to the eave of our garage, but on closer inspection, you'll see that its really a bird's nest. A robin's nest, to be exact. And as you can see in the photo (blurry-sorry!) below, there are four eggs.

We've been watching this mother bird make this nest for the past few weeks, even through that last nasty snowfall. But with the arrival of somewhat warmer temperatures and the layers of snow revealing building materials, she really went to town. Its a sure sign of Spring.

Another sure sign? I went running outside yesterday in a skort and short-sleeved top. And I sweated through my 5K at 7:00 pm. Since our group didn't make it into the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco (mini sob), we're looking for a different race to try. Something new. A new state, perhaps, like Iowa. Or Indiana. Maybe the Flying Pig in Cincinnati? Suggestions are always welcome, and I'm hoping that Megs brings the Lovely Leslie along as our support crew/masseuse (hint hint!).

So this week I have the goal of running at least four times. I'm heading out after I post this, which will make two for the week. The other goal was for Daughter #1 to pass her driving test and get her license. Hooray! She passed this morning and is now officially my go-fer girl! Yaaaayyy!

What goals do YOU have for the week? Remember, if you break your tasks down into managable bits, thy won't seem so overwhelming. Have a great week!


bwhitty said...

You can come run the Bix in Iowa!!! It's only 7 miles but we have a huge party at my place after....not to mention the after party at the race. You can train so you can beat the Kenyans!!! i think they run the 7 miles in 30 minutes or under :)

I know there is a half marathon in Des Moines called Dam to Dam and a full maraton in the Quad Cities at some point during the summer but i don't know when.

Ms. Fix said...

Iowa at the end of July??? That sounds like a heat wave! But I'm considering it...I wonder if my sisters will heed the call? I'm totally up for it, though! Sistahs! What say you?? Bix with Beth?

bwhitty said...

check it out @ www.bix7.com

shoot me an email if you guys decide to come!! i'm warning you though the house will have a lot of people. . . so sleeping arrangments might be air mattresses and sleeping bags....but it's a great time!!! :)