Saturday, March 26, 2011

Please Buy This for Me

Size small, in the pewter. Please and thank you.

Now, why on Earth would I ask everyone in blogger-dom to buy me this maxi sundress from Garnet Hill ? Blame it on a dream I had last night.

I KNOW! Enough with the dreams, already!

But this dream was...more real. Does that make sense? Often times my dreams are of everyday tasks and activities, but this one was less everyday and more real. I'll ask again: does that make sense?

So, I'm wearing this dress, and I'm dancing with someone (can't tell who at this point). Slow dancing to a band. We're at a cantina-ish place, with the rough-hewn post & beam type patio space, lanterns hanging everywhere with warm light. It must be somewhere warm (definitely not in the Upper Peninsula!), because everyone else is dressed beachy. Okay, you know the scene in the movie version of Eat Pray Love where Liz first meets whatshisname at a party after doing all those shots of tequila? It was like that, minus the tequila. Back to the dream: I'm dancing, but all I see is the dress, all fabric and floating and swirling and twisting with the movements of my body, glimpses of my arms & shoulders. The music from the band is coming to an end, and I feel myself being put into a dip- bodies close, one leg hiked up, the works. I look up and see my partner for the first time in this dream: its Shall Remain Nameless from this post.

WTF?! Shall Remain Nameless hasn't made an appearance in my dreams since that first dream, and honestly, I've been too busy with oh, life to focus on anyone or anything other than what's in front of me at the moment (right now? Coffee.). But let me tell you this: it was in-tense. Just like that first dream. It felt like it was something that should really happen, you know? An omen, perhaps.

Whatever. All I know is that I now must have that dress.


Steph Pf said...

Oooh! Oooh! Sounds like a combo of what really SHOULD happen and kind of a tv drama inspired setting (you know...the show we watch with Hot Doc Guy in it?)... Oooh! Oooh! I like it very much! So I'm googling this dress to find out its cost, and then we'll see how far off the goal is. Cuz grrrlll, you know... everyone needs "the dress." XO

rachel neil said...

those are beautiful dresses.
I'm a dress person, that's all I wear.

Ms. Fix said...

I actually like wearing dresses, however, the nature of my job necessitates pants more often than not. But, I've heard that Summer is on the way, even though the temperature this morning was 19. :o(