Monday, March 7, 2011

The Power of Dreams

I'm not talking about dreams in the larger sense, like "I have a dream...", rather I'm talking about the kind you have when you're asleep (or, half-asleep).

Last night I had a dream that I was watching television and holding hands (and then snuggling...and then cuddling, lengthwise...but no further!) with Kyle MacLachlan . Huh? I mean, yes, I was slightly infatuated with him in Twin Peaks and also thought he was dreamy in Blue Velvet , but he's not on the same level as say... Derek Jeter or my all-time favorite, Paul Newman . So, what gives?

Usually, I take matters of the brain and subconscious to my friend, Tha Doctah. Like about a year or more ago when I had a similar dream involving a different guy (couch, television, and more than snuggling in this dream...*bow chicka wah wah*). What does it mean?!

Well, after remembering what Tha Doctah told me, and after considerable research on the matter (ha!), I've found out that dreaming about celebrities- especially being somewhat intimate with them- indicates your drive to be successful. And that being intimate with someone in general can mean that you're lacking something in your life. So, if you're being all lovey-dovey with someone you don't normally get all lovey-dovey with it can mean that you see this dream partner as someone compatible, or as someone who has qualities you admire in a partner. Huh.

So, what's up with that?! Well, I've been thinking about my job and the future lately, and I've been thinking about what kinds of things I am looking for in a partner, so it all makes sense.

Let me be clear, though: I know that I won't be hooking up with Paul Newman or Derek Jeter or Kyle MacLachlan anytime soon. Or that other Shall-Remain-Nameless Guy. But its all food for thought, right? It gives pause to all of those things you thought were truths about yourself, those things that you always thought were no-brainers: the "givens" of your daily existence. Like, its a given that I prefer dessert to an appetizer. Or, its a given that I'd rather take a vacation someplace warm. For me, at least, I end up asking myself: What if...?

Remain curious, friends. And if I end up in your dreams, let me hear about it, okay?

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