Thursday, March 6, 2008


Doesn't that just sum up the entire last two episodes of Project Runway? Man, last night I watched both parts of the two-part finale, and was just blown away.

Well, maybe with exception of Jillian. I did like her collection, but only bits and pieces. She worried sooo much about her models looking incongruous, when she should have been more worried about her collection! I, too enjoyed the introduction of knitwear into her bag of tricks; however, nothing flowed for me- it was just a bunch of clothes that could've come out of someone's closet, and not necessarily a collection.

My early favorite, all the way back from Episode 1 (My Favorite Redhead and My Favorite Local Celebrity can vouch for this) was Rami. And let me tell you, he did not disappoint last night! I loved his collection- the seaming, the corseting details, the DRAPING, and the woven pieces were all AH-MAAAAY-ZING! I wasn't as concerned about his color choices as the judges were. His palette and even his overall vision is meant for a very specific type of woman: a bit fun, a bit more confident, and perhaps more mature (well, more mature than the women who insist at shopping at Forever 21, even when they're +30!) than the clientele the other designers would attract.

And then there is Ms. Thing himself, Christian. So, maybe I was rooting for Rami, but I do love Christain's aesthetic as well. He is a very deserving winner, I mean, didja see the collection? He has had a comprehensive, cohesive vision of what he's wanted from Day One, from what the clothes look like, to the accessories, all the way down to the type of model- and her walk! That kind of thought pattern will be pretty beneficial for him in the long run, I think. And his designs as presented on the runway, remember, are exaggerated versions of what us non-supermodels will want to be wearing in the seasons to come.

As Master Guru Gunn says, "Designers, I am SO proud of you. You made it WORK!"

Now, if I can only find something to catch my imagination and attention until Season 5...

PS- How uninteresting was Posh Spice? I was left wishing that she would bring some diva-ness to the group, but she was so...boring! Who would you like to see as a guest judge on Runway next season?

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kizatikat said...

OMG I couldn't agree and disagree more with you. l loved Jillians stuff and hers were the only ones I think could actually be worn by a normal human being and not a skinny ass model/Victoria Beckham. Rami (YAWN!!!!!) His stuff was just ok. I really did not like the shoulders of a lot of his pieces. The "armor" look was not flattering. His colors were eh, they didn't bother me as much as the judges either. His woven pieces, however, were fabulous, very nice. Christian.....*sigh* The one thing he did have going was the cohesiveness of his show. However on that same note, THEY WERE ALL THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT!!! Black skinny pants with a jacket, all shaped the same with a slight tweak, all in boring. You can make something cohesive yet different. And they weren't nice, I hated all the floofiness...that is where maybe I just don't understand fashion, I would like it to be more for the people I guess. I can understand if it is supposed high fashion, but I don't know....I just don't get as jazzed for that crazy stuff!