Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cranky Pants Gazette

So, like I've said many times, I've really had enough of the snow and shizz. It will be April on Tuesday, and we just got 4" of snow up in these parts. I know, I know...all my Chicago-land homies are whining about the snow they got and how it screwed with their commute (seriously, if you have to "commute" to work, you cannot claim Chicago as your home. We all know that "commute" means you live in the suburbs.). But the city workers here are still shaving down snow banks so traffic accidents don't happen (y'all know how short old people are).

The first year we lived here in the Upper Peninsula, I was sure I had died and gone straight to Hell. For those of you who helped me move...why the f#*! didn't you stop me? And also, do you remember the weather? 50-ish degrees leaving the city, then freezing rain, sleet and snow from just north of Milwaukee and forward. I will never forgive anyone involved that day for "helping" complete that move. :o)

In other Cranky Pants news, I ran OUTSIDE for the first time in 2008. Oh sure, I've been running, but its been all treadmill. The sun was out, the thermometer read above 30, and there were clear patches of blacktop. It was strange running with all the layers of gear after running inside in shorts/tanks. And I forgot how hard it is to operate the ol' iPod with gloves on. But man, I was speedy! I'm spending my time now wishing that Katie's e-mail address gets picked by the Nike people so we can start planing that trip to San Francisco! Send some good vibes our way!

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