Monday, March 10, 2008

Cabin Fever

It's March, for Pete's sake, and I'm REALLY getting tired of this cold cold cold cold cold. Cabin fever? Perhaps, but I think I'm just itching for a change.

I've tried all the mind tricks- sitting in front of sunny windows, exercising, eating fresh foods. The photo above is one place I'd rather be. Yes, there is snow. But, mon cheri, it is French snow! And there is beer! What says "relaxing getaway under the guise of work" like skiing in the French Alps? Nothing. Except maybe a beach in Honolulu.

-8 degrees this morning. A high of 21 expected. I don't have any travel planned except for the jaunt I took a couple of weeks ago under the bridge (a Michigan thing- you either live under or above the Mackinac Bridge. Under=troll, above=Yooper, as in "U.P." for "Upper Peninsula." I liken it to the good ol' days in Chicago, when you either lived in Chicago, or you were a "708-er."). What's a girl to do?

Drown herself in work? That I can do, but remember, work is still here in the Land of Cold. The only thing warming my thoughts right now is that a new television show begins tonight on the WE network: "High School Confidential." Looks promising! I'll let you know tomorrow if its worth an hour of my time each week.

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