Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost time...

...for Spring Break! One more week, and then a whole week of nothingness. Which means it's time to clean up and clear out all of the crap that has accumulated in this house over the past 11 years. I'm "in a mood," if you know what I mean. Clutter is good for nothing. And the clutter in my house has seen its last happy days.

Nothing is off limits- I'm going through clothing, shoes, linens, buffets, Christmas decorations. All of it will be edited and then redirected or recycled or just plain trashed.

Mr. Fix is even getting in the game (sort of unknowingly) by getting the ol' pick up truck charged up and ready for a run to the county dump.

Other news? Emily takes her driving exam on Wednesday, April 2nd. If she passes, she will be a licensed driver in the State of Michigan. Send all of your positive vibes this way so that #1- she passes the exam, and #2- I don't have to chauffeur her around any more.

It's still cold here, but I'm hoping that the cleaning will usher in brighter, warmer days. Have a great weekend!

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