Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Book Club Ever

Okay, so a few weeks ago, My Favorite Local Celebrity called me up and asked if wanted to participate in the Best Book Club Ever. Ever since my last Booze/Book Club disbanded, I've been looking for a way to make myself read more books. Usually I can read at least one book while traveling for work (I read four while in Hawaii this winter), but I haven't had anything consistent lately. This club looked like a chain letter, but all you do is send six letters and one book and hopefully you'll get 36 (!!!) books in the mail. That's it. Easy schmeasy.

So I sent out my six letters and one book, and I've already received four books (above). I've started reading the first one I received (Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish)- thanks, Dawn!- and have paged though my second selection (Cupcakes by Susanna Tee- yes, its a cookbook)- thanks, Mom!- and today I received two more: The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant arrived from Cousin Beth, and Invisible Prey by John Sandford came from...see the pic below!

I'm so excited that this is working and I'll have some good reading material (and snack directions!) throughout the summer. The best thing is that these books I'm getting are ones I haven't read yet. I'm thinking that I'll have to host a book exchange for everyone who participated...complete with yummy cupcakes from Mom's book! Sweet!

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The Redhead said...

Sounds fabulous! Why didn't I get a letter? I was the founder of the original Booze/Book Club, after all. But I see how it is... thanks, thanks a lot. I leave town and everyone forgets about me. I also see you have a new cupcake book, as if cupcakes are not my favorite thing in the world. AND, you still owe me a phone call. Grrrrl, you're on my list, and it's not a book club list.