Monday, June 9, 2008

Women's Weekend

So, this past weekend I went to St. Charles, IL for my 2nd Annual Sisters Weekend. Last year we hung out at Sissy's house in Oswego & did the spa day thing plus a psychic (Yes or no? Do you know what I'm saying?). This year we decided a hotel was worth booking, as it kept us to the "no men, no kids, no pets" rules. Well, most of us kept the men away (cough cough *Abbie* cough).

On the agenda was a late dinner on Friday, followed by a very fun game of Pop 5 (if you don't know this game, try it). Saturday morning we went on the hunt for garage sales (no, I'm not kidding) before heading back to the hotel for... Jorianne, The Coffee Psychic ! This fantastic-ness was followed by a bit of Crate & Barrel shopping, deliciousness at Gino's East, and then 80's music and ice cold pitchers of Blue Moon at St. Charles Bowl . It was even that fun galaxy bowling with the black lights and neon! Sunday we hit up a bit more shopping, then headed our separate ways (in the middle of severe thunder storms, complete with tornado warnings) until next time.

So, I've told many people about the psychic and how excited I was to be seeing her. And many of you have asked me what she said, have I gone to a psychic before?, how does she compare? Well let me tell you. If you go to Jorianne's website, she's dyed her hair platinum blonde since those pics were taken. Anyhoo, she had us shuffle and cut the deck of tarot cards and she poured coffee into our own coffee cups (that we brought with us), added cream, and "read" the coffee as the steam, bubble, and our auras all blended together. It was pretty interesting. What did she tell me?...

Jorianne said I had angels all around me (and for those of you who don't know, angels are not dead people, they have always been angels) and that I was very spiritual and in touch with the spirit world. She saw my kids. She said my husband and I were good for each other- we balance each other out. She is the second (or maybe even the third?) psychic to tell me that I'd be successful in my own business. No idea what the business was, though, or even who I'd go into business with. Hmmm. There's more, but I need to listen to the tape she made of our meeting before I can write about it. I don't want to get the details wrong and have the psychic get pissy with me for messing up her reading. It would probably throw my chakras all out of whack.

Katie and I are all ready to go to the Dunkin' Donuts Marathon in Cape Cod, MA this fall. Strike that- I'm registered. Katie has yet to confirm her registration with me. Ahem.

Alrighty then! Have a great week.

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The Redhead said...

WELL. Since you have your own blog spot, I suppose I will let the lack-of-a-phone-call-on-your-way-home-like -you-promised-me slide. For now. :) Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Can't wait to talk to you. S.