Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the City!!!

Have you seen it yet? I have, and OH MY GOODNESS! I loved it, and will see it again with anyone who hasn't seen it yet but wants to. Call me. :o)

So, I knew SOME things were going to happen (yes, I read spoilers. I am the type of person who reads the last few pages of a book "just in case."), others threw me for a loop, but overall I was entertained and loved this movie, or as I like to call it, "The Second Series Finale."

I will not reveal plot points or spoil anything here, but let me ask the ladies (and any men who watched the television show): Have you ever thought about which "girl" you are? I know that during the show's heyday, there were many writings about how every woman can relate to these characters, and that women will identify with one of the characters more than the others. For instance, I think Sister #3 is a Miranda, and not just because of her red hair.

I'm taking it a step further here. I think that the reason the series (and now the movie) is so successful is NOT because women want to see what their alter egos are up to; they watch because they identify with ALL of the women, whether they admit to it or not. Yes, the four main characters are stereotypes, and yes, the majority of women identify strongly with one of those. But in reality, women are too complex to be whittled down to a stereotype (albeit a stereotype in fantastic clothing and *sigh* those shoes!), and so I posit that we are all Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda mixed up together. You can add some Anthony (wedding planner) into my mix, too. And...discuss.

Shall we move on to the man aspect of the show/movie? I always rooted for Big- I think Chris Noth is sexy as all get out. What can I say? Crankypants likes crankypants. What do you think of Steve? I think that he and Miranda's relationship is the most relatable, the most realistic. And Samantha and Smith? Charlotte and Harry?

I will save comments about the FASHION for another post. Here's my plug: GO SEE THIS MOVIE and you'll be able to end your weekend with a smile.


The Redhead said...

Thanks for rubbing it in. :) How soon can you be here? Do I... Ummm, go alone tonight? Eek. That sounds tragic--going to see Sex and the City ALONE.

bwhitty said...

I have to admitt i'm not a Sex & the City regular......and my girlfriends all wanted to see it so i tagged along and i have to was pretty good! The thing i found hilarious was the reaction in the theater......people laughed out loud, they gasped together and they even clapped at parts - true story! I can't remember the last time i heard someone clap @ a movie! anywho good stuff!