Thursday, February 28, 2008

How did THESE get here...???

El Diablo. Beelzebub. Satan. Resident Evil. El Chupacabra.
Pleased to meet you...hope you guess my name.

Pictured above is the latest bit of holiday devilry to enter my home. I have a very large and well-known weakness for sugar. No chocolate (I know, I know...but honestly, it does NOTHING for me!), just the sweet goodness of sugar in many forms. Caramel. Cotton candy (my highlight of 2007 involves a carnival-grade cotton candy machine at my disposal, at WORK). Sweetened condensed milk, straight from the can. Baskin-Robins Pink Bubblegum ice cream. Chewy Spree, Runts, and Sweet-Tart candies. Skittles gum. And the best candy ever? Razzles. First its a candy, then its a gum. Brilliant mad sugar scientists are working very hard in a laboratory somewhere to keep me addicted/happy.

In a pinch, I've been known to carmelize brown sugar with a bit of butter and drizzle it over fruit (everyone knows that fresh fruit negates all sugar calories, right?). Don't worry, once these cookies are gone, I'll be sated...until the Easter version shows up at the grocery.


kizatikat said...

Ummmmm I thought you were supposed to be staying away from those wretched evil cookies....they are soooooo good though aren't they???

Leigh said...

Damn these blogs make me miss you.
Someone delivered 4 Razzles to my
desk recently...are you jealous?

Ms. Fix said...

Katie, you are my sister and I love you, however- you are not allowed to call me out on the carpet for straying from my new "healthy eating" habits.

Leigh- I am so jealous. And where, exactly, is your desk these days, Missy??? If you went back to THAT PLACE, I will be crabby. But I miss you, too, and hope that when we make plans again, we'll be able to keep them!

nora said...

Oh grrrrl. Any time I see any version of thes "cookies" I think of you. and that would be every week as I stroll through the deli/bakery section of my local Meijers.

redhead said...

I STILL don't know what Razzles are. Fo shiz.