Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make It Work!

Happy Valentine's Day, and didja see "Project Runway" last night? W-O-W! I have to say, I thought the judges made the right decision by allowing Rami and Chris to both continue. Rami's draping (while getting boring, sure) is to die for, so chic and flattering. Chris' costume-y pieces are so fantastic- I was thinking exactly what Roberto Cavalli said about the couture-ness of Chris' work. Who doesn't love a little drama with their fashion?

I can't believe they didn't notice (or even call to attention) Jillian's crappy hem job on that dress, though. She makes a mean jacket, and if I had mile-long legs like those models, I'd sure as hell wear that gold dress, even in the (much warmer than two days ago) 16 degree snow storm here in Upper Michigan.

Christian. Oy! Pretentious twit. Conceited. Snooty. I love him. The clothes are awesome, and the styling is impeccable. I can't wait to see what he showed at Fashion Week.

And then out goes poor Sweet P. The judges earned their money there, didn't they? Her clothes ARE wearable and flattering and commercial, but they're not that exciting. I could probably find that dress she made last night at twenty different stores, no? Double kiss, and I'm sorry, you're out.

Next week is the reunion show. Aren't those fun? I'm wondering what sort of drivel will come out of stiff Victorya's mouth (I never liked her), how that crazy Grace Jones hairdo girl will behave (I can't remember her name...), and if Ricky will cry. It's always good when someone up and leaves during the discussion, too.

Also, did you know that there's a Tim "Master Guru" Gunn BOBBLEHEAD (pic above)? My friend Jessica emailed me about it. It is, of course, the classiest bobblehead ever. I'm waiting to see if they have a Tim Gunn Magic 8 Ball thingy...maybe in the shape of one of those tomato pin cushions? Master Guru Gunn, do these bronze ankle strap pumps work with my new jeans, opaque black tights and Kelly green sweater? (shakeshakeshakeshakeshake)

"This worries me."

Tomorrow, a word or twenty about my new art project (yes, I still make pieces of art...that fancy schmancy degree from that fancy schmancy art school ain't going to waste! I'm too practical to waste the kind of money it cost me!).

Click HERE to get your very own Master Guru Gunn bobblehead. And smile, already- its Valentine's Day, and really, there IS somebody who loves you!


bwhitty said...

OMG - I love that bobblehead.....I bet my mom will want one....and her birthday is coming up - what do you think? Should I take her to see Tina and Tony's Wedding or get her the bobblehead - BOBBLEHEAD! ;)

kizatikat said...

Thanks for ruining the episode for me! I didn't watch it yet. However you knew that Sweet P would be next. Can't wait to see the outfits and if I agree with you. I don't know why you think Christian is so "fierce" He annoys me. He is a bit full of himself. Don't you find it interesting to think back that Chris was actually rejected from the competition and was let back in! Just think if he hadn't been let back in, we would have missed out on some great stuff!

David Dust said...

Poor Sweet P is right - she lost with her Peacockery!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

Ms. Fix said...

Beth- I'm totally voting for the bobblehead for Little Susie's birthday. And Katie, yes, I did think about karma and how its looking fondly on Chris. Christian, to overuse a phrase, he is what he is- take him or leave him. I know the personalitites all mixed together make for great television, but damn, I certainly don't take a designer's personality into consideration when I'm buying clothes, especially since "PR" is one of the only venues you'll get to hear the designers talk and be "normal." Unless you're a geek like me who used to watch Elsa Clench interview them on CNN.

kizatikat said...

Ok so watched the show....still not crazy about Christians outfit. Loved Jillians. Ramis *YAWN* and Chris's was good. I think it will be interesting to see what Chris and Rami come up with for their face off and who will continue on!!!

lisabeast said...

LOVE Christian! Is it just me, or does anyone else think he is a mix of Emily Elisabeth and Rachel???? HELLO! Are they all related? It both fascinates me and creeps me out. Sweet P needed to go - not WOW enough for me. I love Chris and all of his gayness - he makes me happy. His work is fabulous. Rami is good, but he should've stepped it up by can't wait until the last minute to do your best work. He's lucky they gave him another chance - I think he would've gone with Sweet P if they had chosen a second person to leave last week. Oh, the drama.....