Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rockin' Friday Night

Sad, but true. This is really how I spent my Friday night. Dinner at a faux-diner with Mr. Fix and Daughter #2, then home to a single beer, computer time, and then- call it, Sarah!- a visit from my friends Stacy and Clinton of TLC's "What Not To Wear."

Yes, Katie, they ARE my friends. Sarah's, too. So there.

Two evil Loft House frosted sugar cookies later, and I'm comatose under the electric blanket. Honestly, what could top beer, sugar, and fashion in the same night? Sex? Hmmm...

Does anyone else find it difficult to not make over people you see in public? I don't mean just commenting on their awful "mom jeans" or terrifically bad hair, I mean, does anyone else seriously think through how you could change a person's life if they'd just let you voice your opinions on their attire? I hope its not just me who is shallow like that. And I don't even think I'm that shallow. But for someone who loves fashion, aspired at one point to be a fashion designer (going so far as to get into art school under that guise), its very hard for me to absorb so much bad clothing when I'm out in public.

Not that I'm a fashion diva. I've been known to rock the snow boots with my pant legs tucked in (this more out of practicality than a deliberate fashion faux pas). But I do know that personal image IS important, that people DO judge you by how you look, and that you only have one chance to make a first impression. So I heed the advice of one of my favorite style gurus, and each day I try to "Make it work!" I wish more people would heed the call. Sigh.


kizatikat said...

They aren't your friends....though I will let you be friends with Tim Gunn....he is fabulous, fierce, whatever...he is great. Your Friday night wasn't much different from mine. Getting into your "private place" on a cold doesn't get much better than that.

Queen Bee Amy said...

I don't even consider making over people in public. Now, if I'm feeling down on myself aesthetically speaking, I just head to Target and look around. I instantly feel better about my appearance. Shallow, I know, but at least I admit it. :)

redhead said...

As my personal stylist, I could never argue with you. :)

I'm proof people! Ms. Fix does GREAT work! I think it's her secret favorite past time--dressing me up. We were friends for all of six weeks and she took me shopping and picked out, head to toe, exactly what I was to wear to N.Mc.'s wedding.

Ms. Fix is obsessed. But I love her for it.