Friday, February 8, 2008

Pretty Birds, Bubbles, and Bling

This photo is for My Favorite Local Celebrity and the new friends she made recently in Norfolk, VA. I gave her one of my tote bags as a "Good Luck" gift, and she got some compliments on it, so...

A brief word about the totes: I love making them; they are my favorite handbag to make. And now details: They are vegan (important to many people), made from vinyl and 100% cotton linings. There are two basic designs, but I have been known to create and construct custom designs (like a bowling pin/bowling ball combo).

"Pretty Bird" is, of course, the bird design. I love birds, but they do gross me out sometimes watching them feed their young and rip apart roadkill. But they can FLY! And those feathers! It also goes back to the whole "roots and wings" philosophy. Not familiar? Its a parenting thing- show your children their roots, but give them the wings to fly out on their own. (Awww...)

"Bubbles" is a reference to a guilty pleasure television show, "Dharma and Greg." There was one episode where Dharma and her mother were talking about negativity and issues that were bothering them, and then mother and daughter did what we should all try to do with our troubles: put them in a bubble, and blow them away.

The "Bling" is there because I like the sparkly, okay?

You can have your very own bag if you'd like. Email me ( and we'll talk.

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